10 Days That Shaped Modern Canada

By Aaron Hughes
Categories: History, Social Sciences, Regional & Cultural Studies, Canadian Studies, Political Science, Canadian Political Science, Sports
Publisher: The University of Alberta Press
Paperback : 9781772126327, 280 pages, August 2022
Ebook (EPUB) : 9781772126624, 280 pages, September 2022
Ebook (PDF) : 9781772126631, 280 pages, September 2022

Table of contents

1 | October 13, 1970
“Just Watch Me”
2 | September 28, 1972
Team Canada’s Most Famous Goal
3 | April 17, 1982
Patriation of the Constitution
4 | July 21, 1988
Multiculturalism Act
5 | December 6, 1989
École Polytechnique Massacre
6 | May 25, 1995
Egan v. Canada
7 | October 30, 1995
Quebec Referendum
8 | June 2, 2015
Release of the Executive Summary of the
Truth and Reconciliation Commission
9 | August 20, 2016
The Tragically Hip’s Final Concert
10 | March 8, 2018
A New Ten-Dollar Bill


Revisiting ten notable days from recent history, Aaron W. Hughes invites readers to think about the tensions, events, and personalities that make Canada distinct. These indelible dates interweave to offer an account of the political, social, cultural, and demographic forces that have shaped the modern nation. The diverse episodes include the enactment of the War Measures Act, hockey’s Summit Series, the patriation of the Constitution, the Multiculturalism Act, the École Polytechnique Massacre, victories for gay rights, Quebec’s second referendum on secession, The Tragically Hip’s farewell concert, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, and ongoing Black equality struggles. Each day represents a window on contemporary Canada, jumpstarting reflection and conversation about who we are as a nation and how we got here. Ten Days That Shaped Modern Canada is the perfect guide for all those curious about the forces that shape our country and about how we understand our place in the world.


"10 Days is quirky and compelling. It is excellent book club material. It is a good way to start a fight." Holly Doan, Blacklock's Reporter, September 3, 2022 [full review at https://www.blacklocks.ca/review-memories]