Revitalizing PLACE through Social Enterprise

Edited by Natalie Slawinski, Brennan Lowery, Ario Seto, Mark C.J. Stoddart, and Kelly Vodden
Categories: Geography, Geography, Social Sciences, Sociology, Regional & Cultural Studies, Canadian Studies
Series: Social and Economic Papers
Publisher: Memorial University Press
Paperback : 9781990445170, 340 pages, December 2023
Ebook (EPUB) : 9781990445187, December 2023

Table of contents



Foreword by Rob Greenwood




Introduction Natalie Slawinski, Brennan Lowery, Ario Seto, Mark C.J. Stoddart, and Kelly Vodden


Part I: Case Studies from Newfoundland and Labrador

The Genesis of the PLACE Framework: Lessons from Shorefast on Community Economic Revitalization Natalie Slawinski, Jennifer Charles, Alan Cobb, Zita Cobb, Susan Cull, Diane Hodgins, Amy Rowsell, Wendy K. Smith, Mark C.J. Stoddart, and Blair Winsor


Promoting an Inclusive Group of Community Leaders: A Case Study of the Bonne Bay Cottage Hospital Heritage Corporation Brennan Lowery, Joan Cranston, and Jennifer Charles 


Linking Divergent Perspectives and Stakeholders: A Case Study of St. Anthony Basin Resources Incorporated Brennan Lowery, Sam Elliot, Sara Langer, Mark C.J. Stoddart, and Kelly Vodden


Amplifying Local Capacities and Assets: Findings from Placentia West and Bonavista Ario Seto and Elizabeth Murphy


Conveying Compelling Stories: The Revitalization of Battle Harbour Mark C.J. Stoddart and Gordon Slade


Engaging Both/And Thinking: A Case Study of Fishing for Success Jennifer Brenton and Kimberly Orren


Part II: Case Studies Beyond Newfoundland and Labrador

Place-Based Pursuit of Economic Self-Determination by the Toquaht Nation in Canada Matthew Murphy, Johnny Mack, Lorenzo Magzul, Astrid Pérez Piñan, Cloy-e-iis Judith Sayers, and Hadley Friedland


Revitalizing an Urban Core: The Case of TulsaNow Rebecca J. Franklin and Jamie Jamieson


From Welfare to Work: Marsh Farm Outreach and the “Organization Workshop” in Luton, United Kingdom Michelle Darlington, Glenn Jenkins, and Neil Stott


Stories of an Evolving Social Enterprise Ecosystem: The Experience of Waterford, Ireland Felicity Kelliher, Senan Cooke, Sinead O’Higgins, Nicola Kent, and Liz Riches


Epilogue Natalie Slawinski, Ario Seto, Mark C.J. Stoddart, Brennan Lowery, and Kelly Vodden






Around the world, rural and urban communities alike face growing socio-economic and environmental challenges. Confronted with mounting threats of climate change, food insecurity, resource depletion, and inequality, local leaders are increasingly leveraging place-based social enterprises to reimagine and reshape the future. This volume introduces the PLACE Framework as a novel approach for exploring how such enterprises tackle challenges and work to revitalize their places. Born out of engaged research in rural Newfoundland and Labrador, the PLACE Framework offers principles and lessons for community development, highlighting the importance of Promoting community leaders; Linking divergent perspectives; Amplifying local capacities and assets; Conveying compelling stories; and Engaging both/and thinking.

Collaboratively written by academics and practitioners, this volume offers case studies of place-based social enterprises in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Ireland, drawing on the lived experience of social entrepreneurs and community leaders to show the diverse ways the PLACE Framework can be applied to help create more sustainable futures.


"An insightful journey exploring how social enterprise can build community. Essential - and enjoyable - reading."

- David Miller, C40 Centre for City Climate Policy and Economy

"This one-of-a-kind edited volume transports the reader across contexts, disciplines, and the five key principles of what PLACE represents in the pursuit of more resilient and vibrant communities."

- Sophie Bacq, IMD Business School

"[This volume] contributes to making visible the incredible ingenuity, efforts, and persistence of local communities in addressing multiple crises and working towards a sustainable future."

- Ana Maria Peredo,University of Ottawa

"Every chapter offers gems on how place-based social enterprises support and enhance economic, social, environmental and cultural development, wellness and flourishing."

- Helen Haugh, Cambridge Centre for Social Innovation

"This is practical, creative and compassionate work that holds great promise for us all in these troubled times."

- Stephen Huddart, Gustavson School of Business

"This work serves as a demonstration of the complexity of community work, particularly in rural and remote communities, and centers us in generative and regenerative ways of working together."

- Chelsey MacNeil, Common Good Solutions

"This scholastic gem radiates with the fervor of academic excellence and grassroots empowerment."

- Israr Qureshi, Australian National University

"The PLACE Framework is for anyone who is compelled to transform their place through bottom-up strategies to create home-grown solutions."

- Laurie Brinklow, University of Prince Edward Island

"A source of compelling stories and important insights. I highly recommend it."

- Tom Lumpkin, University of Oklahoma

"This kind of community-engaged research is vital. This book should stand as a model for others who want to make a difference in this world of ours."

- Andrew J. Hoffman, University of Michigan

"A must-read for practitioners of community economic development, or anyone interested in revitalizing their community through social entrepreneurship."

- Emilie de Rosenroll, South Island Prosperity Partnership

"A significant achievement and contribution."

- David J.A. Douglas, University of Guelph

"Amazing! The compelling community stories make an engaging read for everyone - highly recommend!"

- David LePage, Buy Social Canada

"A tangible examination of rural community development. The case studies offer valuable and practical lessons, while underscoring the importance and uniqueness of place."

- Sarah-Patricia Breen, Selkirk College