TautukKonik | Looking Back

Piusigilauttavut Labradoriup Taggâni, 1969–1986 | A Portrait of Inuit Life in Northern Labrador, 1969–1986

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A Note on the Use of Inuktitut in This Book

A Note on the Text

Foreword | Julius (Joe) Dicker 

Inuit on Labrador’s North Coast: An Introduction | Andrea Procter

Map of Coastal Labrador

The Photographs | Candace Cochrane

  • The Land
  • The Seasons
  • Winter
  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Fall
  • Change

Creating TautukKonik / Looking Back | Andrea Procter


About the Authors

Index: People and Places in the Photos and Text





Kaujimajaugialik IlinganiKajumut Atugiamut Inuktitut Iluani Tapvani Atuagammi

Kaujimajaugialik Allatausimajumut

Pigianningani | Julius (Joe) Dicker 

Inuit Labradorimi Taggaup Satjugiangani: Pigiannik | Andrea Procter

Nunanguak IlinganiKajumut Satjugiami Labradorimi

Tânna Atjinguat | Candace Cochrane

  • Tânna Nunak
  • Tânna Nalliuvet
  • Ukiuk
  • Upingasâk
  • Aujak
  • Ukiatsâk
  • Asianguk

Sanajaunninga TautukKonik / Looking Back | Andrea Procter


Pitjutigillugit Allasimajunut

Tulligettitausimajut Nanejunut: Inuit ammalu Inet Iluanettunut Atjinguanni ammalu Allatausimajunut



TautukKonik / Looking Back shows the strength of our culture. It shows the strength of family and family connection. It was strong, the way that we lived. Our culture was strong, our language was strong. And this book shows that.” — Julius (Joe) Dicker, Nain AngajukKâk / Mayor

TautukKonik | Looking Back is a collaborative portrait of a time of change for Inuit in northern Labrador. Using repatriated photographs of Inuit life taken by Candace Cochrane between 1969 and 1986, a group of Inuit from Nain and Hopedale called the “Nunatsiavut Creative Group” joined with Andrea Procter and Candace Cochrane to combine the images with Inuit recollections in both Inuktitut and English. Together, they created an inspired portrait of time and place.

Nunatsiavut Creative Group:
Peggy Andersen • Julius Dicker • Rutie Dicker • Minnie Gear • Jade Holwell • Beverly Hunter • Maria Merkuratsuk • Levi Noah Nochasak • Sue Webb • Fran Williams • Katie Winters
TautukKonik / Looking Back takutitsijuk sangijonningit ilukkusivut. Takutitsijuk sangijonningit ilaget ammalu ilaget katingasiattunut. Sangijualolauttuk, inosigiKattalauttavut. Ilukkusivut sangijualolauttuk, uKausituKavut sangijualolauttuk. Ammalu tamanna atuagak takutitsijuk tâpsuminga.” — Julius (Joe) Dicker, AngajukKâk Nainnimit

TautukKonik/Looking Back ikajuttigettautluni sanagiamut atjinguammik asiangusimatsiatumik taggami Labradorimi. Atutlutik katitsutauKatigettausimajunut atjinguannik Inuit inosimajaginnik tigujausimajut omunga Candace Cochrane akungani 1969 ammalu 1986, katingaKatigejut Nainimit ammalu Hopedale taijaujut “Nunatsiavut Sananguatillagialuit katingaKatigejut” ilaKalauttut taikkuninga Andrea Procter ammalu Candace Cochrane katitsuigiamut atjinguannik ilagillugit Inuit katitsutaugiaillasimajunut tamâgennik Inuktitut ammalu Kallunâtitut. Tamammik sanasimajok inigijausimajunik atjinguammik sitontiKajumik, iniKajumillu.

nunatsiavut sananguatillaget katingakatigejut:
Peggy Andersen • Julius Dicker • Rutie Dicker • Minnie Gear • Jade Holwell • Beverly Hunter • Maria Merkuratsuk • Levi Noah Nochasak • Sue Webb • Fran Williams • Katie Winters


  • Winner, Peter Cashin Prize 2023


The black-and-white photos themselves are part portrait, part documentary, and each shows an interconnectedness between Inuit, land, water and non-human animal.

- Erin Morton, Atlantic Books Today