Open Access

ReadThinkKnow and the members of the Association of Canadian University Presses are proud to publish open access research, scholarship, and resources.
Our open access publications are available for free, to all readers, in online digital formats. In publishing these freely available works, we remove barriers for students, scholars, and readers everywhere. These open access publications make academic research available to the curious mind at no cost, by offering high-quality scholarship to study, share, and enjoy.
Our member presses publish a wide variety of open access content including books, journals, papers, multimedia projects, interview collections, supplementary resources, podcasts, videos, and more. Some of our member presses have complete open access programs while others have specific open access projects in addition to traditionally licenced books.
Open access publishing is an exciting, evolving field. ReadThinkKnow is pleased to promote and share the many innovations in Canadian university publishing.

Open Access Highlights

RavenSpace, founded by UBC Press, a collaborative Indigenous studies publishing platform that overcomes the limitations of print by embracing imaginative digital tools in the creation of sophisticated multimedia scholarship.

Manifold at UCalgary Press an innovative digital publishing platform where the Press shares in-development projects for early access and public review as part of an ongoing commitment to transparent scholarship, alongside published Open Access titles and multimedia resources.

Wilfrid Laurier University Press, in partnership with the Amplify Podcast Network, encourages collaboration and experimentation via the medium of scholarly podcasting. Podcasters determine which stream they wish to pursue: Sustain or Resonate. Podcasts are selected for inclusion in the Sustain stream by the Amplify editorial board. The board also recommends to the Press editor prospective podcasts for the Resonate stream, in keeping with the Press’ publishing programme, and based on the guiding values of commitment to critical pedagogy and open scholarship. The Resonate stream engages in open peer review prior to publication under the Press’ imprint.

Open Access Publishing Programs

Athabasca University Press was Canada’s first fully open access publisher and continues to offer all books and journals across all topics and genres in open access formats. 
University of British Columbia Press imprint On Campus features open access books designed to help students successfully tackle the intellectual and social challenges of university.
University of Calgary Press publishes open access scholarly books ranging over two imprints, thirteen academic series, and across all areas of the social sciences.
University of Ottawa Press offers the PUO-OUP collection, supporting sustainable, free to access scholarly research, with more than 100 freely accessible titles.
University of Toronto Press offers UTP OA, an open access publishing model for research monographs and book chapters in research-focused publications.
University of Regina Press, offers the Open Textbook Publishing Program, which provides students and instructors with accessible, peer-reviewed resources.