Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is ReadThinkKnow?

A. ReadThinkKnow is a collaboration of the member presses of the Association of Canadian University Presses. On the site you will find the latest research in the social sciences and humanities with our most recent titles and substantial backlist. You’ll also find supplementary material in the form of articles, educator guides, interviews, videos, and more.

Q. Can I buy books from this site?

A. Currently, books cannot be purchased directly from ReadThinkKnow. Instead, we can point you to an individual publisher’s website or help you find an independent bookseller in your neighbourhood.

Q.How is the site organized?

A. ReadThinkKnow is organized primarily by subject categories that align with member press publications and Canadian scholarly associations.

Q. I’m an author. How can I get my book on this site?

A. If you have published a book with a Canadian university press that you do not see on the site, please contact your publisher to have it added.

Q. I have content I’d like to upload to the site. How do I do that?

A. Most supplemental content is uploaded by member presses. If you have content that complements a project featured on the site, please contact the appropriate press or the primary researcher.

Q. Where do I send feedback?

A. You can write to us at

Q. I’m looking for a publisher for my book. Who should I submit to?

A. Please check the guidelines for each press on their individual websites, which you can quickly and easily navigate to from a specific press' page on ReadThinkKnow. Check out the Participating Presses page to find the press you'd like to publish with.

Q. Can I use this material in my classroom?

A. All supplementary material posted on ReadThinkKnow is Open Access and can be used for classroom purposes. More information about Open Access and Open Access Publishing Programs is available on our Open Access page.