The Correspondence of Wolfgang Capito

Volume 1: 1507-1523

Edited by Erika Rummel
Categories: Renaissance Studies, Medieval Studies
Publisher: University of Toronto Press, Scholarly Publishing Division
Paperback : 9781487525880, 240 pages, February 2020

Table of contents

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LETTERS, 1507–1523


Table of Correspondents



Wolfgang Capito (1478–1541) was one of the most important figures of the Reformation, a leading churchman who turned from Catholic to Protestant. A professor of theology and advisor to the Archbishop of Mainz, he moved to Strasbourg and worked for two decades toward the reformation of the city, which became, after Wittenberg, the most active centre of the Reformation movement.
This volume – the first of three – is a fully annotated translation of Capito’s existing correspondence, covering the years 1507–1523. The letters reveal his dialogue with leading humanists and reformers, such as Erasmus and Luther (with whom Capito had a contentious relationship), and reflect the cultural and political milieu of the time. They also offer significant insights into the progress of the Reformation. Erika Rummel’s head- and footnotes provide historical context by identifying classical and biblical quotations as well as persons and places.
The volume will aid historians of the Reformation by elucidating as yet imperfectly understood aspects of Capito’s thought, such as his efforts to promote concord between the reformers, his stand in the Eucharistic controversy, the nature and limitations of his tolerance toward Anabaptists, and his views on the relationship between secular and church governments.


‘Erika Rummel and Milton Kooistra have done their usual excellent job of presenting smooth and lucid translations; the foot notes are concise and learned.’

- Andrew Pettegree