Scholars, activists, and artists report back from the front lines of the global struggle for social and economic equality.


Struggles for equality happen in all corners of the world. While social and economic justice movements are specific to their different national contexts, identities, and forms of oppression, collaboration and coalition building are required if we are to attain sustainable equality and healing justice.

Organizing Equality engages activist and scholarly debates about the organization of social and economic equality movements around the globe. The collection covers a myriad of issues, approaches, and experiences, forging a link between critical scholarly studies and journalistic and artistic works that offer more personal and hands-on perspectives. Moving from a broad discussion of resistance and solidarity, contributors examine case studies in their specific national contexts, such as movement building in Greece, caste politics in India, land struggles in Guatemala, student debt resistance movements in the United States, and the fight to indigenize higher education in Canada.

Organizing Equality encourages understanding and collaboration between opposing views as a means of discovering new practices of seeing, learning, organizing, and being together in our movements for equality.


“Organizing Equality is an excellent, multi-faceted, and very timely collection of essays. It brings together different theoretical perspectives, empirical sociological work, and case studies in interesting and illuminating ways that address the challenges of organizing for social justice and equality within academia and in society more broadly.” Terry Maley, York University